2017 Theme

Over the past five years campus dialogue has shifted from Career Services Must Die to expanded support for Career Services; alignment of student academic and career plans; and embedding high impact practices like internships into the student experience. Now that the market is improving, will anyone, other than those of us in the profession, still care about Career Services?

Despite expanded demands from students, parents, faculty, employers, trustees and legislators, many other issues now compete for priority support from our institutions. Title IX compliance, student protest, and concern about diversity and inclusion, to cite just a few issues, may push career development off the center stage.

Senior Academic and Student Affairs leaders will join CSI faculty to examine the dynamics underlying the strategic value of career centers and share:

  • Leverage the recent progress Career Services has made to build upon our successes and keep our services in the spotlight.
  • Institutionalize the strategic partnerships, focusing on career outcomes, and the student centered definition of success that have been a priority in the past few years.
  • Establish the critical competencies associated with a successful career center and a successful career focused institution.
  • Determine approaches to faculty and student engagement that align with these enhanced expectations.
  • Creatively respond to these dynamics and enhance student and institutional outcomes.
  • Translate these opportunities into concrete and accountable initiatives and assess their impact.